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What is powder coating? Since introduction in north America almost 40 years ago, Powder coating has become the fastest growing finishing technology in use today.

Powder coating is dry paint. It contains no solvents and is applied in its dry powder form directly to the surface of metals to be coated. Each powder particle contains the necessary resin, pigment, modifiers and curing agent.

Powder is applied electro statically by charging the powder particles and applying them directly to the grounded part. The charged powder adheres to the surface until it enters a curing oven where the powder melts, bonds and cures to the desired surface characteristic. The result is coating which provides a uniform, durable, high quality finish.

Why powder coating? Quality - powder is cost effective and is superior to most liquid coatings for: Chip resistance, Corrosion resistance, Chemical resistance, Abrasion resistance, Impact resistance, Adhesion, Ultraviolet resistance and Weather ability

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